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Discover the versatility of pilamo: strengthen your muscles, mobilise your spine and relax your entire musculoskeletal system!

A strong musculature is the key to physical well-being! Whether you're an ambitious athlete, only train occasionally or want to start out slowly, pilamo can help you train your body at your own pace.

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“I’ve found that pilamo makes my usual exercises much more effective. I’ve also been able to test pilamo in my classes and participants report that pilamo makes it easier for them to assume the correct posture when exercising. This way you build up muscle tissue quicker and in the right places.”

Anika, medical trainer by med-konzept

Strengthening – for the ambitious

Increase your workouts: achieve new training goals faster with pilamo

Do you take Fitness, Yoga and Pilates in your stride? Do you know a plethora of exercises that will make you fit and train your muscles? pilamo will bring new challenges to your usual programme! Exercises such as simple crunches or the side plank will become much more effective with pilamo.

pilamo activates your deep muscles and is therefore particularly well suited to challenging core training exercises. pilamo trains your balance at the same time so that exercises you are already familiar with will be much more challenging with the assistive aid. It will bring new momentum to your workout and you’ll discover new results on your muscles!

Strengthening – for the occasional sportsperson

Versatile and effective: train individually and sustainably with pilamo

Are you still looking for a suitable fitness device to support you in a versatile and effective way? You have found it in pilamo! This innovative training device helps you to perform exercises correctly and gently. Through deep activation of the muscles, you strengthen your body exactly where it needs it most.

pilamo is versatile and as such replaces a number of other aids, such as fascia rolls, fascia balls and back stretchers All you need is a single fitness device that grows with your skills over time!


Strengthening – for beginners

Gentle & effective: work your way to a healthy posture with pilamo

Do you feel you want or have to do something for your muscles once and for all? Maybe you are also suffering from back pain, the cause of which is not clear? With pilamo, you can begin your workout gently and effectively!

The innovative training device supports you in your exercises and helps you to achieve a good posture. Incidentally during your workout, you will improve your own body awareness and work sustainably towards a healthy upright body posture. Your spine in particular will thank you!


The special feature of pilamo: the innovative fitness device not only helps to train the muscles, but also ensures sustained mobilisation of the spine.

With its unique design, pilamo acts on the trigger points that lie on either side of the spine. This is how the large muscles along the spine are addressed directly.
From the sacrum to the neck, you can use pilamo to work on your entire musculature, and mobilise muscle fascia and joints.


“pilamo mobilises my spine so gently and effectively that I also want to use it in my future daily work routine. My patients come to me with various back problems and in the test run I was almost always able to integrate pilamo into my treatments, with very positive effects!"

Simon, Physiotherapeut, med-konzept


A training device that relaxes you at the same time – does such a thing actually exist? Yes, it does! Discover the unique pilamo feeling that will flow through your body after training.

By mobilising your spine you will not only feel your muscles strengthening after training, but will also experience complete relaxation of your entire musculoskeletal system.

With pilamo, as well as training the big muscle groups, you also effectively work on your deep muscles, loosen your fascia and take the pressure off your joints. And this naturally makes you loosen up and feel much more relaxed after a workout!


“Since my test run with pilamo, I swear by it in my daily Yoga workout. The participants in my courses have also given me great feedback. The fascia muscles are effectively relaxed, and you just feel completely relaxed after a workout.”

René, Yoga-teacher med-konzept

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