pilamo in everyday life

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pilamo is not just a training device!

pilamo also helps you adopt a correct and healthy posture in your everyday life and to train your body almost incidentally and without conscious thought.

In the car or in your office-chair

Whether in the car or in the office, most of us sit for far too long, and we often maintain a bad posture. The sitting positions we like to assume today are far too passive: the body is not actively engaged and instead we fall into postures that seem comfortable and do not challenge us.

Then the inevitable happens: back pain and blockages in the spine are often the result of sitting for too long and in the wrong position.

Achieve an active sitting position with pilamo

pilamo can provide speedy relief: placed along your back, it mobilises the spine in just the right places and ensures a more active sitting position almost naturally. An example: when you lift up your thoracic spine with help from pilamo, your shoulder muscles will instantly position themselves correctly and your neck muscles relax.

Thus the entire muscular holding apparatus is activated into assuming the anatomically correct position. And the best thing about it: active sitting allows you to train the right muscles almost imperceptibly, keeping your body in the correct position, even when you’re not using pilamo – whether sitting, standing or walking.

To release tension

If you have been sitting for a long time without pilamo or feel tension in the spinal region for other reasons, you can also use pilamo for acute treatment.

You can do light stretching and strengthening exercises in front of the TV. Let yourself be inspired by our 10 basic exercises! You can also relax by lying your back onto your pilamo and let the balls pleasantly roll under the trigger points to the right and left of your spine. You will feel the difference!


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